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equipped with a sophisticated laboratory, comprised of all the necessary requirements on automation, IOT, electrical, programming, etc.


Incanto Dynamics is a prominent company that manufactures customized RC – Planes and Drones. It also provides solutions and training in Industrial Automation. This is a Bangalore-based company professionally managed by industry experts with extensive expertise in handling projects in automation industries and providing training. We are a top training service provider due to our extensive knowledge and strong presence in South India’s rich industrial belt.

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Incanto Dynamics is equipped with a sophisticated laboratory, comprised of all the necessary requirements on automation, IOT, electrical, programming, etc.

  • Technical Expertise

  • Interview preparation

  • Creating a resume and a cover letter

  • Internships and jobs are sought after

  • Developing your professional network

  • Dedicated to holistic student development

Incanto Dynamics is dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive campus community where everyone may improve their cultural awareness, involvement, and proficiency.


Our mission is to deliver valuable project integration support to our valued clients and system integrators.

For students considering their future career prospects, our modules are designed not only to handle the field devices like PLC, and DCS but also to develop them with efficient coding skills, train them to analyze and develop cost-effective systems, and to be capable of handling projects Individually. This helps students to compete with the real world of AI, ML, and Robotics.

Our focus and expansion will be in Europe, the Middle East, Singapore, and the Indian subcontinent on technological outsourcing in the fields of automation like PLC controls, SCADA, DCS, Robotics, IIOT, and other related subsystems.

Charting a Path in Automation: Prioritizing Quality, Efficiency, and Environmental Guardianship to drive unparalleled advancements in robotics.

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