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Driving the Future of Mobility Projects:


  • Engine Test Bench: A cornerstone for testing and enhancing automotive engines.
    Special Purpose Machines: Transition from BS4 to BS6, Leak test machines, pressing machines, Conveyor Automations.
    Electric Vehicle (EV) Assembly: Robotic applications in motor and battery assembly, paving the way for greener transportation.
    Roles & Responsibilities: From electrical design to the intricate programming of PLC, LabVIEW, HMI, SCADA, and robotics,
    our team ensures seamless installation and commissioning.

Innovating for Healthier Futures Projects:


  • Robotic Surgeries: Revolutionizing orthopedic and neurological surgeries by upgrading with precision based robot for navigation and guidance of surgical tools.
    Expertise: Integration of robotics with advanced programming languages and embedded systems, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

Advancing Drug Research and Production Projects:


  • Our engineer expertise facilitates groundbreaking advancements in pharmaceutical manufacturing and research from COVID-19 R&D to the manufacturing of vaccines and testing kits, our robotic projects are at the forefront of battling global health crises..

Redefining Product Assembly Projects:


  • Automated assembly lines for mobiles and TVs, integrating cutting-edge robotics and programming.
    Capabilities: We provide comprehensive solutions including electrical design, PLC, HMI, LabVIEW, robotics programming,
    and API interface development with DotNET, Python.

Optimizing Fulfillment with Robotics Projects:


  • Deployment of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) for warehouse automation, enhancing logistics efficiency.
  • Specialization: Tailored electrical design, advanced programming, and robust installation & commissioning services.

Streamlining Financial Operations Projects:


  • Robotic Note Sorting Machines revolutionizing cash handling.
    Expertise: Our team delivers comprehensive solutions, from design to implementation, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Pushing the Boundaries of Technology Projects:


  • Mobile SAR Testing with leading research institutions, contributing to safer mobile communications.
  • Collaborators: National Physical Laboratories, Indian Institute of Science.

Enhancing Production with Robotics Projects:


  • Automated packaging solutions for food processing industries, improving speed and hygiene.
    Technologies Employed: State-of-the-art robotics programming and electrical design to meet the food industry’s stringent standards.

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